What Are Digestive Enzymes?

Enzymes are large molecules, usually proteins, that speed up chemical reactions. Digestive Enzymes are the tools your body uses to break down food molecules, so the body can properly absorb the necessary ingredients. We use digestive enzymes to break down and process all food we eat.

Why are digestive enzymes important?

Our modern diet is incredibly complex, and our bodies need an arsenal of different digestive enzymes to process the food we eat. Many people do not naturally produce the digestive enzymes necessary to process certain foods, which can lead to digestive intolerance.

Additionally, our modern diet is highly processed and often stripped of natural digestive enzymes.

So what is Addzyme?

Addzyme, a dietary supplement, is a collection of every digestive enzyme our research has shown to be effective.

Additionally, Addzyme is formulated to target common digestive stressors such as wheat and dairy.

addzymeaddzyme supplement

A few more Frequently Asked Questions About Addzyme:

What does Addzyme contain?

Addzymes contains 21 enzymes - a formula designed to combat food senstitivity, intolerance, and improve digestive function.


How many Addzyme capsules should I take a day?

You should take two capsules daily, with the largest meals of the day.

Will Addzyme help with food allergies?

Addzyme is designed to help with intolerance and sensitivity. We do not recommend taking addzymes for the purpose of dealing with allergy symtoms unrelated to food intolerance or sensitivity.

Can children take Addzyme?

Children under 18 should consult a physician before taking addzyme.

Can I take Addzyme if I am pregnant or nursing?

If you are pregnant or nursing, speak with a healthcare professional before taking Addzyme

Does Addzyme contain any potential allergens, such as soy or gluten?

Addzyme contain no soy, gluten, or dairy products, and are 100% vegetarian

How should I store Addzyme?

Store Addzyme in a cool, dry, place. Avoid excessive heat (above 78 degrees).

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